Paddle shift covers installed.

パドルシフトカバーを取り付けてみた Lancer Evo 10

I bought a paddle shift cover that I had been curious about for a while.
I’ve never found the paddle shifters too short to reach when I normally use them, but I’m going to put them on as a way to upgrade the interior.

Can you put it on a Lancer Evo?

The paddle shift covers sold for Mitsubishi are for the ECLIPSE CROSS, the new Delica D5, and the Outlander.

This is because the shape of the paddle shift is slightly different from that of the Lancer Evo 10 and Galant Fortis, but as it turns out, it can be installed without any problem.

Buy Aluminum Alloy Paddle Shift Covers for Mitsubishi

Here is the product I received. The plus and minus symbols for shifting are also printed on it.
Aluminum paddle shift covers
The rest comes with double-sided tape for sticking.

Installation of aluminum alloy paddle shift covers for Mitsubishi

It’s easy to just stick it on with double-sided tape, but before that, let’s do a temporary alignment.
The shape is different, but it can be attached.
As you can see, the shape of the paddle shift is different, but it can be attached.

I only installed one side.
I guess the red color was a mistake.
Hmmm, I feel like the red looks too bright indoors.
I think it would have been better if the color was inconspicuous black or silver.
Only the paddle shifters are red, and they look like they are floating.