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How does the SONY SS-CS3 speaker really sound?

time 2020/12/13

How does the SONY SS-CS3 speaker really sound?

I changed the speaker system connected to my TV from YSP-2200 to YAMAHA RX-V385 and SONY SS-CS3.
I actually bought the SS-CS3 speakers, which have a very good reputation on the Internet for their price.

Tall Boy Speaker Comparison

My own preferred tone is a speaker from Alpine, a manufacturer of acoustics for automobiles, and I like the clear sound that brings the vocals forward.

No other speakers were on my list of options for front speakers.
The reason is that the review rating of SS-CS3 was very good on all the sites I looked at.
Most of the reviews say that it produces a good bass sound. Good sound considering the price, so I thought this would be a good choice and bought it.

Installation of SS-CS3

My first impression was that it looked cool for the price.
A super tweeter, a tweeter, two woofers, and it looks like it’s going to sound great.
Installation of SS-CS3
However, the woofer is only 13cm in diameter, so if it were 16cm in diameter, it would produce enough bass sound.

Banana plug compatible.
Remove the lid to plug it in.
Banana plug compatible.
Unfortunately, bi-amp drive is not supported.

How does the SS-CS3 sound?

As it turned out, it was not my favorite tone.

High range
I think it came out well. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it.

Middle range
Vocals and other sounds sound backward.
It’s a shame because I like the sound that comes forward like the Alpine.

Bass Range
Not much comes out.
According to information on the Internet, some people wrote, “Too much bass is annoying. However, as a 13cm speaker, it does produce some bass, but it doesn’t bother me at all, in fact, I’m bothered by the lack of bass.

Sound Resolution
The sound does not have a clear outline, and sounds a little blurry.


It’s a good looking speaker for the living room.

As for the important sound, there is no problem at all for the use of listening to the TV sound clearly.
However, it is not powerful enough for games because it does not produce much bass, and it is not enough as a speaker for listening to music because the sound resolution is low.

After all, you need to see if the sound is to your liking.


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