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Will Waco’s Super Hard clean the foggy headlights?

time 2020/12/14

Will Waco’s Super Hard clean the foggy headlights?

I’ve been prolonging the life of the cloudy headlights on my Freed with Hall Zero, but now that it’s been a year, I’m going to try to protect them with Wacos Super Hard.

What happened to Whole Zero in one year?

First of all, I think you should have a look at the article from a year ago.
Whole Zero fixed the dull scratches on my headlights nicely.

And a year later, the Lancer, which I forgot to take a picture of, had turned white like this.
Right side after one year of Whole Zero construction.

The left headlight is in good condition with no white streaks.
Left side after one year of Whole Zero construction
It has turned white, but both the left and right sides are definitely more transparent than when nothing was applied, so it is still useful in its current state.

Wako’s Super Hard was applied.

I’m going to try applying Super Hard, hoping for the same effect as Whole Zero.

It looks like the previous coating is still there, but I didn’t care, I cleaned the headlights and applied Wacos Super Hard.

The scratches did not disappear and become clean 、、、、 like when I applied Whole Zero.
After installation of WAKO'S Super Hard
The left headlight was also the same as before the installation, so I won’t post a picture of it.


Waco’s Super Hard did not work to remove scratches.
If this would have cleaned it up, it would have been cost effective, but unfortunately it did not.

Use Whole Zero to clean the dullness of the headlights.


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