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Fixing foggy headlights with Hall Zero without removing the coating.

time 2020/12/14

Fixing foggy headlights with Hall Zero without removing the coating.

The headlight of my FREED became white and cloudy.
It doesn’t look yellowish, just white and cloudy, but it looks bad and reduces the amount of light at night, so I’m going to clean it up without removing the original coating.

Consider measures to prevent the coating from coming off.

The most common way to deal with cloudy headlights is to use a commercially available headlight polishing chemical to scrape the surface and bring it back to its original transparent state.

However, this method removes the coating that was originally on the headlight, so you don’t want to do it too often.

When you deal with it, it will be clean, but it will soon come back to normal because these products cannot give you the strong coating that it originally had. Once it is back on, it will only get worse because the coating is also being scraped off.

So this time, I’m going to try to deal with it without scraping off the coating that is already on it.

How Hall Zero fixes fogged headlights.

Hole Zero, which I used to protect the carbon parts of the Lancer Evo, is used to remove fogging from the headlights.

In the first place, the cause of fogging of headlights is the fine scratches on the surface. By filling in the unevenness of the scratches on the surface, the scratches become less noticeable and the fogging can be eliminated. This is the same idea as when I used Hall Zero to restore the shine of the carbon parts.

The principle is the same, which means it can be used for headlights as well.

How to install Hall Zero on headlights

1.Clean and wash the headlights.
2.After it has dried sufficiently, apply a thin layer of Whole Zero.
3.Let it dry and you are done.

These three steps are easy to follow.
The difficulty level is low, so anyone can do the installation without hesitation.

I don’t have a picture from the front of the headlight because I started the installation before I took a picture, but before the Whole Zero installation, the headlight was cloudy white like this.
Cloudy white headlights
From this state, if you apply Hall Zero, it becomes transparent like this.
After installation of Whole Zero

If the clarity of a new headlight is 10, the cloudy white state is 5, and the state after the Hall Zero installation is 8.5.
Amazing! They look like new again! It’s not a new headlight, but it’s a beautiful headlight.

This is the front view of the headlights after installation.
You can see that the scratches on the straight part of the light are not fully filled in. The deep scratches are still not cleaned up, but the lamp part that was completely invisible is now visible, which is good enough.
Front of headlight
The other side had no deep scratches, so it turned out to be quite clear and clean.
Hole zero in the left headlight, transparent.


By applying Hall Zero, you can remove the white fogging from the headlights as well as the carbon parts.

This method can be applied while retaining the original headlight coating, so it will not get worse. Please give it a try.


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