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Replaced the license plate bolts with Tom’s lightweight bolts

time 2020/12/14

Replaced the license plate bolts with Tom’s lightweight bolts

I replaced the license plate bolts with TOM’S white aluminum license plate bolts, which I’ve always wanted.

I’m concerned about the prominence of the license plate bolts.

I had always wondered about the yellowish chromated bolts on the white license plate.
I'm curious about the color of the license plate bolts.
The purpose of this project is to replace these bolts with white ones to make them less noticeable.。
It’s an evolution of materials that they don’t rust like the old number bolts.

Buy TOM’S license plate bolts.

I had already decided that this was the one I would buy, so I bought it right away.
The reason why I chose Tom’s from among the many cheap and expensive products is because of the reliable Toyota quality.
Well, they are screws, so there is not that much difference in quality.

The moment I held this screw, I thought it was light, but when I actually weighed it, it was not that light. People’s senses cannot be relied on.
The stock bolts are 16g for 3 bolts, but the TOM’S bolts are 10g.
It is made of aluminum and comes with a special wrench attached.
The bolt length is 15mm and there are 3 bolts, which is not enough for a Kei car.

It does not come with any instructions, but don’t lose this wrench, as the screw holes are easily crushed if you try to remove it with a wrench other than the one provided for security purposes.
It was written on the TOM’S product description page. I wish such an important thing would be written in the manual.

Replace the license plate bolt

I compared them to the bolts I removed, but they are the same size.
The only thing I can think of is that they are the same size.

Comparison with genuine bolt

In less than five minutes, the front and rear bolts were replaced, and I was able to make them unobtrusive.
Finished making the license plate bolts disappear.

Summary of Making License Plate Bolts Discreet

As I expected, the number bolts that were unnecessarily conspicuous are now gone, and it looks neat and clean.

From a distance, you can’t see the license plate bolts. I’m not sure.
Tom’s number bolts have already been discontinued except for the white ones, so if you want one, secure it as soon as possible.


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