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I added a set of fins to reduce wind noise as a noise reduction measure.

time 2020/12/14

I added a set of fins to reduce wind noise as a noise reduction measure.

I put on a set of fins to reduce wind noise, which I’ve been curious about for a while.
The product I bought is not the one sold by Aemon, but it has the same contents.

The parts under the mirrors are not cool.

This round part on the bottom left of the photo is called “Door Mirror A” in this set, but it is too uncool to attach. Other than that, I think the shape is fine.
Wind noise reduction fin set
“Door Mirror A” looks like a camera when attached to the mirror.

Difficult to adjust the mounting position

I thought I could just put it up, but when I thought about it, I realized that it was very difficult to align it symmetrically and put it up horizontally.

Since it seems difficult to put three pieces on the left and right side of the door at equal intervals like the vortex generator, I first tried to install a square part that looks easy, called “B for door mirror”.

Mounted on the mirror section

To install the parts, first clean the black plastic part behind the mirror.

Next, determine the position with a ruler and curing tape, and stick it up with vigor.
It's different from the original parts and feels strange.
It stuck well. The mirrors on the Lancer Evo are closed when the car is parked, so it is easy to see how it is attached.

When you look at it installed, you can’t help but notice the feels strange. It has such an after-application feel that I regretted it the moment I put it on and thought about taking it off.

Hmm, not a good look.

It is not noticeable when the mirror is open. In fact, it is usually unnoticeable.
It’s just a visual issue, so changing the car’s settings so that the mirrors don’t fold when the key is locked would solve the problem, but I think I’m doing something wrong.
Open the mirror and you won't care.

How effective is wind noise reduction?

I took a quick run.

Yeah, I don’t know.。
Originally, the Lancer Evo has terrible engine and road noise, so I can’t tell any difference after installation.


The installation on the inside part of the mirror is not as tame as I thought it would be, so I think you should think carefully before applying it.

Unfortunately, I could not find any effect of reducing wind noise.

Now that I think about it, if I had installed B for door mirrors on the bottom of the mirror instead of A for door mirrors, it would have been somewhat more effective and I would have felt satisfied.


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