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I put RECARO stickers on the seat rails.

time 2020/12/14

I put RECARO stickers on the seat rails.

I put a RECARO sticker on the side adapter part of the seat rail.

Buy Recaro logo stickers.

I had a sticker of the RECARO logo made with cutting sheets. The quality is fine and the balance of the letters is well done.
Recaro Cutting Sheet

After I bought it, I thought the genuine Lancer Evo stickers sold at SigmaSpeed would have looked better, but I don’t care.

Sticker application process

When I thought about it, I realized that this seat rail was made by Kawai Seisakusho, so I should have put the Kawai Seisakusho sticker instead of the RECARO logo. I checked later, but it seems that Kawai Mfg. stickers are not available in the market.

It can’t be helped since there aren’t many of them out there, but stickers from parts manufacturers are surprisingly hard to find.
Kawai's seat rail for Recaro
The sticker will be attached to the frame that runs next to the side adapter of the seat rail. I didn’t have much time, so I just stuck it on, and miraculously, it stuck in the perfect position.

Position of RECARO cutting sheet
From the top of the sticker, use a squeegee or similar tool to scrape and press down the letters and stick them to the sheet rail. If this process is not done properly, the letters will stick to the sheet on the side to be peeled off and it will fail, so take your time and work carefully.

Then carefully peel off the protective sheet and you’re done.
There were a few bubbles, but you can’t see them unless you look very close, so it was a great success.
Tension on the side adapter is complete.

Completed side adapter with RECARO sticker

It is not visible from the surroundings because of its low position, but from a little distance it looks like this.
RECARO stickers are now attached.

The white RECARO logo looks great on the all-black side adapter part. It looks great!
I put a sticker on the side adapter part as an accent, and I am satisfied with the result as I expected.

This is something that all RECARO users should do.


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