Lancer Evo 10

I had Ortiz Custom Pods make a one-off meter panel for me.

I wanted to get the CP-E meter panel I found before, but when I contacted the manufacturer, they said they didn't have o...
Lancer Evo 10

Replaced the battery stay with a CUSCO battery stay to reduce weight.

The battery stay of the Lancer Evo 10 is made of black painted steel and is heavy, so I replaced it with a CUSCO battery...
Lancer Evo 10

Attaching a carbon-style sticker for the hazard switch

To solve the poor interior, which is one of the few drawbacks of the Lancer Evo, I put a carbon-style sticker on the are...
Lancer Evo 10

I put RECARO stickers on the seat rails.

I put a RECARO sticker on the side adapter part of the seat rail. Buy Recaro logo stickers. I had a sticker of the R...
Lancer Evo 10

Replacing the expensive original Lancer Evo battery with a cheap ACDelco battery

The battery will be replaced as it has been five years since we purchased it and the cell is no longer turning when the ...
Lancer Evo 10

I added a set of fins to reduce wind noise as a noise reduction measure.

I put on a set of fins to reduce wind noise, which I've been curious about for a while. The product I bought is not the...
Lancer Evo 10

Replaced the license plate bolts with Tom’s lightweight bolts

I replaced the license plate bolts with TOM'S white aluminum license plate bolts, which I've always wanted. I'm conce...
Lancer Evo 10

Try Wacos Super Hard to protect carbon parts.

I used to use Hall Zero to protect the carbon parts of my Lancer Evo, but it didn't hold up as well as I expected, so I ...
Lancer Evo 10

Paddle shift covers installed.

I bought a paddle shift cover that I had been curious about for a while. I've never found the paddle shifters too short...